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Snow Skiing Basic

Snow Skiing is an adventure sport that can only be carried out on a snow surface. In this, a person steps on a board or two capable of sliding on the surface. The person has to slide down the hill standing on the boards, and for changing the direction or the speed; one shall use the purchased sticks.

Following are the basic equipments you need to have before going for skiing:

  1. A ski : There are two types of skis, first is twin tip skis and other is uphill or textured ski.
  2. Salomon ski boots and Salomon ski helmets : These protect your organs and body against physical damage that can occur during a crash at high speed.
  3. Poles or sticks : You need poles to push yourself into a direction or change the speedwhile skiing.
  4. Snow Scooters : These scooters are specially designed to run on a snowy surface without being stuck. Snow Scooters are to be used when travelling to a far off place for skiing, where cars and other normal vehicles are not capable of going owing to the scooter wheels being designed as so.

Wearing the skis

Skis or skates as some peoples may call them are very easy to wear. Following is a step-by-step guide to get you going:

  1. Layering with all the necessary protective clothing shall be done. Insulating layers are to be worn in this step too.
  2. The person should wear socks on the top of the insulating layer. If he or she is using flexible shoes, the same can be worn too.
  3. At the end, the person shall insert his or her foot into the space provided, ensuring that it doesn’t slip out. The same can be confirmed by waving the feet in the air.

How to ski?

After all the necessary equipments mentioned as above areworn, one shall stand up on the surface and maintain an equal balance on either of the foot. If the hill is too steep, one can take help of the poles to stay at a definite place.

Then, slowly releases the pressures exerted by the feet on the surface and with the help of the sticks, pushyou in a forward direction. You will start to travel. Repeating this over and over again will help you gain momentum. If you want to change the direction, simply place the pole held in the direction where you want to turn to, i.e.