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Basic Volleyball Rules

How is the Volleyball Game Scored?

For a long while, volleyball games, or sets, are being played to 25. You may review that the diversions were just to 15, however that govern has changed. The expansion of speed score is basically the reason amusements go up to 25 now. This fundamentally implies each time a group wins a rally, that group is granted a point. Consequently, volleyball games (sets) are presently played to 25. At the lesser level matches are played best out af 3 and the third amusement goes just to 15 focuses rather than 25. University and grown-up volleyball is played best of 5 amusements, with diversion 5 going to up 15.

What number of Players are on Each Team?

There are six individuals from a volleyball group on the court at any given time amid a match. A program takes into consideration 14 players on the group general. These players may sub all through an amusement at whatever point important. In shoreline volleyball, there are just two players on a group and just two players on the court at all circumstances.

What are the Rules for Serving the Volleyball?

Players may choose to serve however they would like. Overhand, underhand, and jump serves are all options. Players must stay in the serving zone when performing the serve. The service area is always behind the end line but confined on the sides by the side lines. The same rule here applies to beach. Be sure to maintain the service order when serving.

Are There Rules for Spiking the Volleyball?

The only time a player on the court is not allowed to actually take a swing at the ball is the first contact after the service. Players can not jump and attack a ball that is being served to their side of the net. The attack follows the set and this is the most efficient way for a team to score points. Back row players are allowed to spike the ball but they must jump behind the ten foot line. It is ok if they land in front of this line but they must jump behind it.

Are There Violations that you Should Know?

Due to the fact that there are an extremely high amount of violations, they cannot all be covered here. A few important ones include: a team is only only three touches on the ball before it must be sent over the net, a setter may not make a double contact with the ball while setting, a player may not put a foot under the net, or any other body part, and interfere with someone on the other side, and blockers my not hit the top of the ne while blocking.

That is it. These are the best serves you will see in volleyball. Take time to master these serves and you will be a great player.